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From the desk of   Jani Buron, author and illustrator



     Chris and Anita Lowe of England are very taken with the life story of Seabiscuit and C. S. Howard. Chris is a serious collector of Seabiscuit memorabilia. The Lowes also sponsored Jani's new book, "The Spirit of Seabiscuit". They liked Jani's book of hiatory that was written by someone who lived it. 
     The Lowes have funded a duplicate Seabiscuit statue for Ridgewood to replace the original that used to be there. Their deep interest and generous contributions toward preserving the unique history of Seabiscuit and where he lived are much appreciated by everyone connected to it.



Seabiscuit statue is a duplicate of the original.
Chris Lowe, donor, and Jani Buron, author, at dedication.


Seabiscuit Stud Barn at Ridgewood Ranch, Willits
Fully restored and rededicated on May 29 2004

9-14-07  Author Jani Buron's presentation and booksigning at the NEW Zephyr Books in Reno NV. 1501 So. Virginia St. at 6:30 PM. The presentation will last 1 hr. with questions about Seabiscuit.  After that chat time and books will be signed till 8:30 PM. Call the store at 775-322-6657

More information on    www.google.com  type in Jani Buron

 Go to the Dealer page on this site to see where you can purchase " The Spirit of Seabiscuit "  LINK

I have been on the road setting up Independent Bookstores with book signings at Santa Anita, Neighbors Bookstore in South Lake Tahoe, D-M Western Store in Reno. Radio interviews were on ESPN with Steve Fiero's "Everybody's Racing", Sam Spear on KNBR in San Francisco, KOH Reno, Nevada with Monica Jay, Book interview, KUNR FM radio interview with Willie Albright.All about "The Spirit of Seabiscuit"

Book Signings and guest appearances are being scheduled!

       Mark Twain Bookstore, Virginia City, NV December 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          D-M Western Store, Reno, Nevada Nov. and December 2006                  Neighbors Bookstore South Lake Tahoe, CA November 25 2006                     Oak Tree at Santa Anita at Champions! BookstoreOctober  2006 

September 1 2006  The book THE SPIRIT OF SEABISCUIT is being shipped to customers ,book stores are being added daily. You may look on our dealer page for their locations. If you want a Bookstore, tack shop or gift shop to be added as a dealer E-mail us and we will set then up as a seller. jani@janiburon.com


Original Sculpture Was Removed in 1951

New Unveiling Set for June 2007 At Ridgewood Ranch !

Willits, CA, January 31, 2007 -- After an absence of more than 55years, a life-sized bronze sculpture of the legendary American racehorse Seabiscuit is coming back to his original home in northern California.

Other items published about Seabiscuit. These are all collector items!


*"The Spirit of Seabiscuit" by Jani Buron 2006

"Letters to Seabiscuit" by Barbara Howard 2003

"The Seabiscuit Story" edited by John McEvoy 2003

"Seabiscuit-Photographs" by The Keeneland Library Collection 2003

"Seabiscuit An American Legend - Illustrated Edition" by Laura Hillenbrand 2003

"Seabiscuit VS War Admiral" by Kat Shehata 2003

* "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit" By Jani Buron 2002

"Seabiscuit An American Legend" by Laura Hillenbrand 2001

"Come on Seabiscuit" by Ralph Moody 1963

"Seabiscuit, The Saga of a Great Champion" by B.K.Beckwith1940

* Jani Buron is the only living author that knew Seabiscuit and the Howard's, Charles & Marcela.

                              DVD's & Audio

* "The Spirit of Seabiscuit-Supplement DVD by Jani Buron 2006

"The True Story of Seabiscuit"VHS & DVD & TV by A&E TV Networks 2003

" Seabiscuit" Movie & DVD directed by Gary Ross at Universal Studio 2003

"ESPN II Classic SportCentury" Shown on TV only by ESPN 2003

"Seabiscuit, America's Legendary Racehorse DVD by Delta Entertainment Corp. 2003

"Seabiscuit, The Lost Documentary" DVD by Legend Films 2003

" Seabiscuit American Experience" DVD by PBS Video 2002

"Seabiscuit An American Legend" AudioBook read by Scott Campbell 2002

"The Story of Seabiscuit" movie with Shirley Temple 1949

Please notify me if there were any books,movies,DVD or VHS that we missed, I'll add them. jani@janiburon.com

2006  Ridgewood Ranch Tours start May 27 .  Tours are better than ever and now heading into October apply now. There are some special bus tours during the week days, I will keep you posted. I suggest to apply for tour early. linked to application

5-29-04 The first scheduled tour of 2004 was a sellout. With the Howard family there for the dedication of the newly restored Seabiscuit Stud Barn, as well as many other specials, on a perfect May day, all was wonderful. Get your application in for one of the remaining tours. Jani Buron will be there with stories from the past and with her Book Ridgewood Ranch home of Seabiscuit   See you there!

The May 29 2004 tour was filled fast.-- If you wish to attend a tour this year go to the application page now and register a date as instructed, so you don't get shut out. The Ridgewood Ranch scheduled tours are a satisfying, memorable event. This is a duplicate comment to keep you informed!

The 2002-2003 & 2004 Ridgewood Ranch tours from May through October were a success with a full booking of 200 Seabiscuit enthusiasts in attendance at each of the ten public tours. Jani Buron attended each tour and did booksigning and storytelling.

April-10- 04  "The Unnamed Writers' Group" of Reno, Nevada has invited Author Jani Buron to be guest speaker and talk about her book "Ridgewood Ranch" and the horse Seabiscuit. Jani will answer questions and tell the group about how privileged she was to have been raised on the ranch where such a famous horse retired. Jani was asked to explain to them her inspiration to write the book, and what it took to form L.Buron Publishing and distribute.  

1-17- 0  Jani will be in Gardnerville, Nevada at "The Book Den",  1328 HWY 395 Suite 305 across from Scolari's Market behind the AM-PM gas station. From 12 noon to 2 pm with stories, question answering, and book signing. Subject Ridgewood Ranch and Seabiscuit.

12-29-03 The premiere showing on the "SportCentury" program on the ESPN Classic station featuring Seabiscuit is now scheduled.  http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/tvlistings/schedule?network=18  When you get to the ESPN site click ESPN classic on the page left  then select Dec. 29 on the page right and the schedule will come active! Jani and many others with "Seabiscuit-Howard-Horseracing" connections will be telling their stories. Join us as we watch this interesting presentation on the remarkable Thoroughbred Champion Seabiscuit, who was known for his heart, stamina, and perseverance, and for winning races against all odds!

12-16-03 Universal Studios is now taking orders for the movie "Seabiscuit an American Legend" ; delivery begins on Dec. 16, 2003 In a souvineer edition CD-Rom Universal Studios included a special disk with a revised edit of the A&E movie "The True Story of Seabiscuit" with Author: Jani Buron in the program.       To order---   http://homevideo.universalstudios.com/title.php?titleId=2385 

12-11-03  In Carson Valley, Nevada "The Happy Bookers" invited Jani to a special book signing and story telling. It will be held at the Hellwinkel home and of course the subject will be "Seabiscuit".   

11-1-03 The Willits, Calif. Rotary Club held a special benefit dinner and tour at the Ridgewood Ranch hall to raise funds for the continuing restoration of the horse facilities at the ranch.

10-24-03 The Reno Hilton in Reno, Nevada, will hold their annual Pre-Breeders Cup party for invited race fans. Jani Buron will be introduced as the author of "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit", and will give a complimentary copy away to the guest that answers the Seabiscuit trivia question correctly.

10-18-03 Jani Buron was invited to the Bay Meadows Racetrack for a special book signing and Seabiscuit art display. A 24x18" color print on canvas of "Seabiscuit in the post parade of the1938 Bay Meadows Handicap with George Woolf up" was given by L. Buron to Bay Meadows and accepted by Bernie Thurman and Dale Duspiva. On this day Bay Meadows gave away 8000 very nice Seabiscuit souvenir plates. The attendance was high and there were a lot of folk new to horse racing there.

8-29-03 The PBS TV California Heartland will show their segment (#749) of interviews conducted in Willits, California, on July 19, 2003, where the World Premiere showing of the movie "Seabiscuit, An American Legend" sold out two performances, and was playing to an enthusiastic crowd of Seabiscuit fans. Author of "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit" Jani Buron was interviewed for this, and her comments on living at Ridgewood in the 1940's, and knowing Seabiscuit, are included in the program.

8-6-03 Goodenough Books in Livermore, California, will host Jani Buron at a booksigning in their downtown store. She will tell of living on C.S. Howard's Ridgewood Ranch where Seabiscuit retired to, and how she came to write her book, "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit". (Goodenough Books is now Altamont Books, same location.)

7-27-03 A&E TV will have the premiere presentation of their documentary "The True Story of Seabiscuit". This is a very well done program. Jani Buron is in this one, with her comments on Seabiscuit, toward the end of the movie.


7-19-03 The very first premiere of the movie "Seabiscuit an American Legend" was held at the Noyo Theater in Willits, Calif. with two showings that were both sold out. The proceeds from the showings were in behalf of the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital Foundation. There was a tour at Ridgewood Ranch in the morning and an open house at the Mendocino County Museum throughout the day. The town was over-run by news reporters for two days!

7-5-03 Radio and TV personality Sam Spear scheduled Jani Buron to be a guest on his Saturday morning radio show broadcast from KNBR in San Francisco, California, and to speak on the subject of Seabiscuit. On that particular morning Jani will be at Ridgewood Ranch, the home of Seabiscuit, in Willits, California, to do a booksigning and storytelling program for the walking tour guests, so she will do a remote interview from there.

5-16-03 The Reno Hilton, in Reno, Nevada, will sponsor their annual Pre-Preakness Party for invited racing fans. Jani Buron will appear onstage as the featured guest speaker in the Hilton Showroom with Steve Fiero, who is the MC for the evening. Steve will interview Jani about her book, "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit", while a slide show on a large screen of photos from her book will be shown on the stage.

5-1-03 The tours at Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, California will start on May 25, and be held every other Saturday through November. Check with the Willits Chamber of Commerce for accurate dates and how to sign up.

4-27-03 The Carson Valley Museum in Gardnerville, Nevada, will sponsor their annual Local Author's Booksigning Day and reception. Jani Buron is invited to attend with her new book, "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit". (The day was well attended, and lots of Seabiscuit fans, local and out-of-town, made it a great day!)

2002  Ridgewood Ranch held their first series of Walking Tours for the public on May through September of 2002. They were a great success, with many Seabiscuit fans attending each sold-out tour. Guests were treated to old movie footage of Seabiscuit and Ridgewood Ranch scenes taken by Doc Babcock, then to a tour of some of the historic Ranch buildings, and to the grand refreshments offered by the talented kitchen crew at Ridgewood. Jani Buron attended each tour and did storytelling and booksigning.

11-2-2002 The West Coast Premiere showing of the PBS Seabiscuit Documentary by Steven Ives will be held at Ridgewood Ranch (Seabiscuit’s home) in Willits, California, along with a benefit dinner celebrating the 75 years of service at the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital. . The proceeds of this event will go the Howard Hospital Foundation. C.S. Howard built the hospital for the town of Willits in memory of his son, who suffered fatal injuries in an accident on the ranch. Howard felt that if the proper medical facilities had been available for his son, the outcome may have been different. (The event was sold out, and the enjoyable evening was a tribute to the memory of Seabiscuit and the Howard Family.)

11-9-2002 The Reno Hilton in Reno, Nevada, will hold their annual Pre-Breeders Cup Party for invited racing fans. Jani Buron, author of "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit" will be introduced to the guests.

Oct. & Nov.-2002 Jani Buron appeared in interviews on KRON TV, San Francisco, California, in special ongoing Seabiscuit features in their programming.

10-19-02 Bay Meadows Racetrack will feature their "Seabiscuit Day At The Races", and give Seabiscuit Bobbleheads to paid admission patrons. Jani Buron, author of "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit", will do a booksigning there, and have Seabiscuit portraits on canvas there as well. (Lots of enthusiastic Seabiscuit fans attended and shared their stories with us!)

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